Free ADHD Printables and Worksheets for Kids

Free ADHD activities and worksheets. Download. Print. Study Tools by Jules. Image of a mom and daughter doing homework together.

Printables and worksheets to help kids with ADHD feel empowered and confident. Collaborate with kids to help them love reading, practice flexible thinking, and plan routines around the house – like doing their laundry.

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How to Talk to Teachers about my Kid’s ADHD: a printable with simple steps on how to create effective dialogue with teachers

Kids Choose Books: a printable to help your reluctant reader find books they are excited to read!

Kids Talk to Teachers: a set of digital cards to give kids ideas of what to say to teachers when they feel stuck or confused.

Organization Tips for ADHD Kids: a set of images with steps and examples on how to guide kids to get organized

My Laundry Plan: a printable to help your kid draw how they will manage their dirty laundry in their room and carry it to and from the washing machine

Flexible Thinking for Grown-ups: a printable to help you identify moments and opportunities to let your kids develop their own routines that might be different from your own

Motivate ADHD Kids with curious questions: a printable for grown-ups so you can practice asking questions to spark self-motivation in ADHD kids

Ask Meaningful Math Questions: a free worksheet to download – learn to ask curious questions to understand why a kid could be struggling with their math homework

Reminders to Help ADHD Kids Be On Time: learn how to build routines with your child that encourage independence and time management

FREE ADHD Study Tips available too!

ADHD Homework Tips. From confusion to confidence. Study Tools by Jules. Free ADHD Homework Hacks.

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