Flexible Thinking for Grown-Ups Worksheet


Free one-page worksheet to download and print!

Free ADHD worksheet to help grown-ups learn how to use Flexible Thinking to work WITH their child’s preferred methods to get things done.


Flexibility is one of the 11 Executive Function Skills!

How grown-ups can use flexible thinking to encourage creativity and independence in kids with ADHD

Goal: independent and confident kids

Obstacle: not enough opportunities for kids with ADHD to create and practice their own routines for managing schoolwork and daily tasks

Kids with ADHD think about daily tasks in their own way. Since we cannot peek inside their mind we can look for opportunities to let the kids choose their own way to learn a school subject or perform a daily task.

This worksheet will help grown-ups find those opportunities to allow the kids to discover what daily routines work best for them.

Watch my YouTube video about Flexible Thinking!



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