How Kids Talk to Teachers about How Their Brain Works


Digital cards to download and save with the PHOTOS on your device!

One zip file of 12 .jpeg images is included. Each image includes a Conversation Starter for a kid to explain to their teacher what it’s like to have ADHD.

Give kids the ability to articulate how their brain works! They will feel empowered!

Free Digital Cards to Help Kids Talk to Teachers about ADHD and How Their Brain Works ?

Goal:  Kids who know what they need to learn and confidently ask for it!

Obstacles:  not sure what to say, not sure how to say it

Give Kids Conversation Starters to talk to Teachers!

Download and save these cards to give kids ideas of how to talk to teachers when they are stuck or confused as school.

Sometimes kids just need a boost of confidence and the words to express what they need!

Included is a zip file of 12 jpeg images


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