ADHD Homework Tips for Reading and Writing. Study Tools by Jules.

Traditional school methods for developing reading and writing skills in kids might not work for kids with ADHD.

Step #1: Ask Yourself some Questions

  • Does your kid avoid reading?
  • After reading something can your kid tell you about what they read?
  • Does your kid groan at the mention of writing an assignment for school?

Step #2: Brainstorm a New Approach to Homework

Once we can see the obstacles in the learning process we can start creating a new approach.

  • Spend time together exploring new ways to approach the situation
  • Include your kid’s favorite topics in reading and writing at home
  • Partner with your kid in their learning so you can compliment them on their progress and know where they struggle

Step #3: Try a Homework Tip from Study Tools by Jules

Explore these ideas that you can use at home to make reading and writing easier for ADHD kids.

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