Traditional school methods for developing reading and writing skills in kids might not work for kids with ADHD.

  • Does your kid avoid reading?
  • After reading something can your kid tell you about what they read?
  • Does your kid groan at the mention of writing an assignment for school?

Once we can see the obstacles in the learning process we can start creating a new approach.

  • Spend time together exploring new ways to approach the situation
  • Include your kid’s favorite topics in reading and writing at home
  • Partner with your kid in their learning so you can compliment them on their progress and know where they struggle

Read about the strategies below for ideas you can use at home to make reading and writing make sense with the kid’s ADHD brain.

Improve Reading Comprehension

Tell Stories to make Writing Easier

Help Kids find Books they Love

How to sprinkle in reading skills Vocabulary If you're watching TV together and you hear word you want your child to learn simply say, "that word means..." When you're talking about plans for the day sprinkle in words a level above the child's reading level - this prompts them to ask, "what does that mean?" Sprinkle in new words only 1-2 times per day so it seems natural and not like a lecture

Quick Everyday Reading Practice

Working memory. the ability to hold information in memory while performing complex tasks incorporates the ability to draw on past learning or experience to apply to the situation at hand or to project into the future

Strengthen Working Memory

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