Explore these ADHD tips for Time Management and Organization to help kids!

The brain of a kid with ADHD is busy with thoughts about school, friends, sports, hobbies, pets, food, and many other things.

We need to give ADHD kids strategies to organize their school assignments and schedules. Involve the kid in the process and use supplies that are kid-friendly, easy to use, and simple to remember.

  • Is you kid unsure of how busy their week is with activities and homework?
  • Does your kid have to memorize notes for school but doesn’t want you to help?
  • Does your kid want to be more independent in organizing their homework and chores but they are not sure how?

Read about these ADHD tips for Time Management and Organization see if you can try them at home.

Use Index Cards to Build a Schedule

Use Dry Erase Markers to makes Notes on a Mirror

Working memory. the ability to hold information in memory while performing complex tasks incorporates the ability to draw on past learning or experience to apply to the situation at hand or to project into the future

How to Remember What to Do as You Do It

Organization Tips for ADHD Kids. Ask yourself these questions, then swipe left for ideas! 1. Can you SEE the object you want if it’s in a PILE of things? If an object is PUT AWAY and you don’t SEE it, do you REMEMBER that it’s there? Think about the LAST PLACE you are usually standing when you are FINISHED with an object. Then think about where you will be standing the NEXT TIME you need to use that object.

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