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ADHD Homework Tips. From confusion to confidence. Study Tools by Jules. Free ADHD Homework Hacks.

These free ADHD homework tips for kids help them tackle homework and studying with less confusion and more confidence!

Do you feel like your kid spends hours at school yet remembers nothing about the lessons? There could be a disconnect between how the information is taught and how your kid needs to learn. Follow these three steps to find a better way for your ADHD kid to do homework.

Step #1: Be Observant

Observe what works and does not work for a kid when they are learning. Are they engaged in the assignment? Do they understand the instructions? Is the entire assignment overwhelming?

Also note what tasks are easy for them. What interests and hobbies do they enjoy? Are these interests part of the assignment or not? Keep these ideas in mind as you create new strategies for your child to learn.

Step #2: Change the Homework to Fit the Kid

School curriculum often does not fit with the way kids with ADHD think. Let’s break down the assignments and build new strategies for ADHD kids to learn and feel confident doing it!

Step #3: Learn How to Change the Homework

Explore the following categories of ADHD Homework Tips and learn how you can make homework easier for kids with ADHD.

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