Kids Choose Books Free Printable


Free one-page worksheet to download and print!

Help reluctant readers and kids with ADHD who say that reading is boring. Work together to figure out what types of books the kid would enjoy reading.

Free Printable ADHD Worksheet to Encourage Kids to Read

Grown-ups and kids collaborate in choosing books and authors that will hold their attention and be fun to read.

Goal:  Kids who love books!

Obstacles:  reading feels like a chore; hasn’t found the right type of book yet; or has ADHD and needs a book that grabs their attention

Some kids love to read and others don’t. Let’s help encourage the reluctant readers to keep exploring books, genres, and authors. The supportive grown-ups in their lives need to show they are ready to partner with the kids to search for books that are FUN to read for each kid!

Use this worksheet to guide your conversations with the kids about what they like and don’t like about various books.


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