Organization Tips for ADHD Kids. Ask yourself these questions, then swipe left for ideas! 1. Can you SEE the object you want if it’s in a PILE of things? If an object is PUT AWAY and you don’t SEE it, do you REMEMBER that it’s there? Think about the LAST PLACE you are usually standing when you are FINISHED with an object. Then think about where you will be standing the NEXT TIME you need to use that object.

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A Process for Adults and Kids to follow to Help Kids with ADHD Organize their Stuff and feel Empowered

If the caregivers are always picking up after the kids then the kids never have a chance to learn how to create organizational systems for themselves.

If the adult puts away the backpack and the lunchbox every afternoon, then how is the kid supposed to find it when asked?

Kids with ADHD need to create routines and systems that work WITH their own brain, not someone else's. Caregivers can give kids the framework to create their own organizational systems.

Download the file to read the 4 Steps to help kids get organized!

What's included: zip file of 5 graphics (jpegs):  1 explanation of the steps and 4 examples

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