Top 5 Fidget Toys for Kids with ADHD

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Fidget spinners and fidget toys have been gaining in popularity. While some adults might see fidget toys as a waste of time I totally disagree. I have seen kids with ADHD use fidget toys as a way to get sensory input. Using your hands to push, pull, squeeze, or snap allows you to apply pressure, work in fine motor skills, and experience the texture of the toy. All of these features can give information to a busy ADHD brain and satisfy the body’s need for movement and touch. Once that sensory need is met the kid can focus on the task at hand whether it be in school or at home.

Here are some of our favorite fidget toys from the Therapy Shoppe web site!

Click on each image for a link to the product page on the Therapy Shoppe site.

Stretchy Strings

Good for: kids who love to break pencils

Fits easily in a backpack to take to school

Quiet – does not make noise

Also good for home use when watching TV or doing homework

Our versions have not ripped or broken after hours and hours of use

Waffle Fidget

Good for: kids who like to push buttons

Bubbles pop both directions

Makes some noise – better to use at home rather than school

Play with one or two hands

Helps work on fine motor skills too

Mochi Animals

Good for: kids who want a toy that fits in the palm of their hand

Smooth texture and squishy feel

Stands up to hours of stretching and squeezing without ripping

Can collect dust and lint over time

Quiet – can be used at school and home

The paint of the eyes and mouths can peel off over time

Wiggle Bubble Ball

Good for: kids who want to see and feel the fidget toy features

Quiet – can be used at school or home

Outer shell with holes has a bumpy texture

Inner sphere is shiny and looks wet but feels smooth

Larger and more obvious to use at school or in public settings

Chew Necklaces

Good for: kids who chew their shirts and pencils

Gives kids an option if they need to chew instead of using their shirt, fingernails, or pencils

Will not break apart when chewed

Easy to tuck inside your shirt if you don’t want it to be visible all of the time

Easy to wash!

The common feature of these fidget toys is that they are quiet and could easily be taken to school. Always check with a teacher first!

I will write another blog post on our favorite NOISY and more distracting fidgets – good to use AT HOME and also helpful for working on fine motor skills!

For ideas about homework strategies and time management tips check out the free information on my Learning Resources page!

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