Sharpening my observation skills while we’re all at home

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We have had a lot of family togetherness in the past 4 months. I have lost free time and peace and quiet. But I have gained more opportunities to observe my kids in situations that give them joy and ones that give them frustrations.

During the school year I spend quite a bit of time with my kids discussing what they hated about their day, what was hard, what distractions were present, who misunderstood them, etc. When school went online in the spring of 2020 I was able to see how they actually navigate a day of learning and assignments.

One of my kids thrived in this environment. He participated in online calls and did the work. It became evident that the school environment and the people in it were a great source of stress for him. Without those stressors he was happier, calmer, and better at handling changes and transitions. He was better able to self-regulate throughout the day because his senses and mind were not overloaded with extraneous inputs.

I would have missed all of this if I weren’t paying attention. The success I have had in helping my kids learn has come from being a good observer and a good listener. Only after I have had plenty of time to watch and listen do I begin to offer advice. And I feel like the advice has a better chance of being successful since I am creating it from data and not just guessing. That’s just how I think.

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